Budeia Lodge Living


Budeia Lodge Living is rentable for one group of 8 persons. There is one bedroom with 3 very nice beds in the main floor. You will also find a living room with a fireplace and kitchen at the same floor. On the topfloor you will find 3 cosy single beds, one doublebed and a fantastic view. We have extrabeds in case You don’t want to share a doublebed. There are two bathrooms with toilets and showers downstairs.


The old barn was renovated in 2011-2013, and was a countrystore/cafe until march 2016. It was the home to horses and sheeps in the early years.  In 2012 the magasine Kamille rated the Budeia Cafe as Norways most cosy cafe. You can now rent this barn which has been turned into Budeias Lodge Living in 2016. The Cafe has closed.

Equipements: Fire place, Refrigerator, oven, dishwashmachine, wifi, television, washing machine, 2 coffemachines. 


Budeia Lodge Living is surrounded by amazing nature. You will find both sea and mountains outside the door. There are plenty of whales in our fjord, Kaldfjord, in november, december and january. In the winter You can see humpbackwhales and orcas clearly from the windows as well. You can also hear them during the night while sleeping. There are several whalesafari-boats on Kvaløya if You want to come even closer...

There are great opportunities for hiking, skiing, climbing, cykling, kajaking etc in the neighborhood. You might also meet the reindeer in the garden, or the fox while playing with the housecats. One of the worlds best places to see the Northern Lights is above the lodge. You can actually see it from august to april.

In the summer you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Midnight Sun. The Midnight Sun is when the sun is above the horizon at midnight. It is also «daylight» the rest of the night and all day long.  In the summer it is very nice to «chill out» in the garden, and there are plenty of hiking possibilities in the area.


Budeia Lodge Living is situated only 20-25 minutes by car from Tromsø city, and 15 minutes from the airport.  The nearest grocery store is Eide Handel.